Why ask an Auction House for an Appraisal?

When outside appraisers are called upon to value property, they research past auction records to establish comparable prices. Why not go directly to the source? With our inside knowledge of constantly changing market trends, gained from selling hundreds of valuables every month, Moran’s can inform you of exactly what you have and what its worth- at less time and expense than our competitors.

An accurate appraisal protects you from undervaluing your treasures and from overpaying on your premiums or probate taxes. Our USPAP-qualified appraiser team can examine virtually anything from paintings, jewelry, silver, fine furnishings, antiques and collectibles to general household contents. Working with collectors, executors, trust administrators, and museums, Moran’s provides comprehensive tangible-personal-property valuations for single items or entire collections, including:

  • Insurance of private and museum collections
  • Fair-market-value appraisals for estate planning or probate
  • Informal auction estimates for the merely curious

We can provide itemized and illustrated formally bound valuations organized to suit your specific needs.

Insurance companies recommend that your property be appraised every five years. Because Moran’s retains our records on secure digital databases we can reevaluate your property easily and at nominal cost.

For more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For verbal auction evaluations please visit our Consignments Page for more information about how to participate in our next auction.

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